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FAQ Title Size Last Updated Text
CAD/ <folder>   Read
GNU-Emacs-FAQ/ <folder>   Read
ACEDB Genome Database Software FAQ 51K 2005-04-09 Read
alt-2600/ <folder>   Read
FAQ: 7K 2005-04-09 Read
bbs/ <folder>   Read
benchmark-faq/ <folder>   Read
comp-groupware-faq/ <folder>   Read
comp-speech-faq/ <folder>   Read
computer-security/ <folder>   Read
computer-virus/ <folder>   Read
databases/ <folder>   Read
dce/ <folder>   Read
editor-faq/ <folder>   Read
frame/ <folder>   Read
Gnus (Emacs Newsreader) FAQ 66K 2005-04-10 Read
Message Passing Interface (MPI) FAQ 18K 2005-04-10 Read
off-line-readers/ <folder>   Read
pgp-faq/ <folder>   Read
ph (cso nameserver) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 30K 2005-04-10 Read
portable-GUI-software/ <folder>   Read
shareware-faq/ <folder>   Read
soft-sys/ <folder>   Read
software-eng/ <folder>   Read
spreadsheets/ <folder>   Read
TeX, LaTeX, etc.: Frequently Asked Questions with Answers [Monthly] 66K 2005-04-09 Read
text/ <folder>   Read
comp.text Frequently Asked Questions 37K 2005-04-09 Read
usenet-oracle/ <folder>   Read
[] Intro to the Usenet Oracle (Monthly Posting) 12K 2005-04-10 Read

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